A picture of Arran

I'm Arran France and I'm a software engineering manager.

I lead the Application Platform team at Tractable, who are responsible for providing our product teams stable, reliable, and extendable application layer infrastructure, and the Engineering Platform team, who produce and provide support for tools which improve developer productivity.

My experience focuses on using web technologies on both frontend and backend to produce products that put the customer's experience first, and supporting the team by building processes to improve delivery. I also have a significant amount of experience of working with devops to migrate orchestration tools and build CI/CD pipelines.

I previously built Heroes Companion (opens new window), an iOS and Android application that helps Heroes of Storm players plan their optimal talents using real data. I also work on Jonathan's Movies (opens new window), a tool to help friends choose a movie together.

I have a number of open source packages available for Rust (opens new window).

When I'm not working you can normally find me reading, writing, watching the NFL (Go Cowboys!), playing board games, or preparing for playing pen and paper RPGs with my friends. I'm married to the beautiful Catherine (opens new window).

Last Updated: 2/2/2023, 1:41:33 AM