A picture of Arran

I'm Arran France and I'm a software engineer.

I work at Limejump where I'm part of the Customer Experience team. I'm currently on working a building a reliable next generation microservice architecture to support our customer portal.

I also run Bricks and Mortar Studio, a company that provides custom development, data migration, and consultancy for Rock RMS. Since launching in 2016 I have succesfully migrated a number of organisations and have worked with over a dozen clients, including the Spark Development Network.

In my spare time I build Heroes Companion, an iOS and Android application that helps Heroes of Storm players plan their optimal talents using real data. I also work on Jonathan's Movies, a tool to help friends choose a movie together.

When I'm not working you can normally find me fishing, running, or playing board games with my friends. I'm married to the beautiful Catherine.

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