A picture of Arran

I'm Arran France and I'm a software engineer.

I work at Tractable where I'm part of the estimation team. Previously I worked at Limejump where I worked on building a reliable next generation microservice architecture to support their customer portal.

I also run Bricks and Mortar Studio, a company that provides custom development, data migration, and consultancy for Rock RMS. Since launching in 2016, I have succesfully migrated a number of organisations and have worked with over a dozen clients, including the Spark Development Network.

I previously built Heroes Companion, an iOS and Android application that helps Heroes of Storm players plan their optimal talents using real data. I also work on Jonathan's Movies, a tool to help friends choose a movie together.

I have a number of open source packages available for Rust.

When I'm not working you can normally find me reading, writing, watching the NFL, or preparing for playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. I'm married to the beautiful Catherine.

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